Thursday, 9 August 2007

Thursday - look busy, its practically the weekend

Oooh, Thursday morning is here, coast is out until the weekend. Whats grating me today? 'Teaters' train eaters. Why the fuck would anyone would to eat on a train? Especially the tube? You may aswell jump dowon on the tracks and wallow with the mice and start licking rails. Its disgusting. (Come to think of it, why does Victoria tube station always smell of meat pies?) Tubes are horrible things, especially in the hot mornings so why oh why would i want to hear and smell some cityboy chomping down an entire swine infront of me? There should be rules and regulations on this. Also I know the last train home out of waterloo is always a haven for the laissez-faire and the real caraayzey people who stayed out late on a 'school night' but why is it also prime location for Teaters? Theres always a party of smells going on, and it stinks! McDonalds, Burger King, Pasties, Pizza, eugh. Honestly, its horrible and leaves me wishing I could be back with the clean smell of london underground.

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